We are Team 7491, Cyber Soldiers from Genesee Christian School (GCS), in Burton, MI. Through the support of our Sponsors, School,  and Families, the Cyber Soldiers purpose to empower students to lead with excellence. Each robotics season has presented new challenges and each challenge has invoked new solutions.

The experience gained and lessons learned from the previous seasons have fueled a passion among our students to advance the robotics experience. In 2022 we welcome our new Lego League teams! We are energized by the passion and commitment from both the students and parents.

To continue our pursuit we are seeking financial partners from local businesses. Our students and mentors are actively participating in fundraising efforts throughout the year.


2023 Charged Up Game Reveal!

THANK YOU to our generous sponsors

Successful teams are supported by many allies. Our sponsors have provided the resources that help students reach beyond the ordinary and create the amazing!